avi marisa
afrolatine, cis ♀ bi any
4w5 infp scorpio
interests / stuff i like
general coding, geography, history, fashion, art, traveling, typology, researching, the color green, chocolate, mint
games touhou project, funger, roblox, ts4, cry of fear, silent hill, metal gear solid, higurashi, umineko
music i would list but theres alot.... check my last.fm :)
my name is marisa, im the webmaster/mistress of this site i've been running since like 2021. i have a huge like and passion 4 programming nd coding and web design..... i love drawing and history/geography and all sorts of nerdy stufff....... i am a huge music & art enjoyer and i luvvvvv games (especially rpgmaker horror ones and touhou). i have a huge interest in touhou project, i found out abt touhou around 2020? i don't clearly remember but i saw the character designs and the themes but i fell in love withit..... i also like reading thru random wikipedia articles. wikipedia is full of articles and stuff and theres so much interesting articles wikipedia has. i might make a shrine about it but oh well. (;-.-).
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